Nama Center Launches Rawasi to Support Social Entrepreneurs

Nama Center Launches Rawasi to Support Social Entrepreneurs

Doha: The Social Development Center (Nama), under the umbrella of the Qatar Foundation, announced the launch of the “Rawasi” program to build and develop the capacities of young people in creating initiatives and projects in the field of social entrepreneurship and creating a leading generation of social entrepreneurs.

The program of six workshops will run until October 26 with the participation of 90 trainees, who have important axes to enable social entrepreneurs to set up entrepreneurship training programs to educate young people and introduce them to the importance of social entrepreneurship and its effective role in knowledge of social problems.

The workshops will highlight the key potential ways to achieve tangible social change, help young people find innovative solutions to various social problems, set up projects to serve society without benefiting, and focus on delivering value to society and generate income. later period.

Nama Executive Director Saba Al Fadala expressed pleasure to launch a new cycle of the Rawasi Social Entrepreneurship Development Program that fits within the framework of ongoing efforts to promote the benefits and objectives of social entrepreneurship for the individual and society to emphasize and consolidate this developmental thinking among young people.

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