Steve Jobs’ daughter Eve mocks iPhone 14 launch, hints nothing has changed

Steve Jobs’ daughter Eve mocks iPhone 14 launch, hints nothing has changed

Apple’s legacy has been questioned by the progeny of one of its founders, with Eve Jobs making fun of the latest iPhone launch on Instagram.

Late Wednesday, Apple CEO Tim Cook took the stage at the Steve Jobs Theater to announce a number of new products, including the iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 Pro.

The launch of the new Apple products was widely discussed online with people commenting and making fun of them on social media. The topic was weighed in by Eve Jobs, the daughter of former Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who shared a meme on her Instagram account.

Eve Jobs (L), daughter of Steve Jobs (top right) mocked on her Instagram account the launch of the iPhone 14 (bottom right).
Justin Sullivan/Instagram @evejobs/Getty Images

Eve Jobs shared a joke on her verified Instagram account and posted a photo in her stories that shows a man proudly holding a new shirt, exactly the same as the one he’s wearing. “I’m upgrading from iPhone 13 to iPhone 14 after Apple’s announcement today,” the caption reads. The innuendo of the meme is that the latest version (14) will be almost identical to the previous version (13).

Steve Jobs’ 24-year-old daughter Eve is a model, equestrian and social media influencer who shared the meme with her 307,000 followers. Eve’s mother is Laurene Powell Jobs.

In a recent profile with Vanity Fair, it was mentioned that Eve Jobs had an iPhone. She called it “a beautiful memory for me every day.” She added: “All day, every day. It really is. It gives me a warm feeling.”

In addition to the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro, Apple CEO Cook also announced the Apple Watch Series 8, the Apple Watch Ultra and a new launch of AirPods.

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