Aada Finance Launches Bug Bounty Program with USD 25,000 Offer

Aada Finance Launches Bug Bounty Program with USD 25,000 Offer

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As bug bounties have become increasingly important for newly emerging crypto protocols, Aada Finance is preparing $25,000 in AADA tokens for each identified critical threat.

After open sourcing, its code, Aada Finance announces the next phase of its road to reliable decentralization: a bug bounty program. An external audit will guide the incentive to ensure the V.1 app is optimally ready before launching on the mainnet.

“As we move closer to the mainnet launch, optimal security of users’ funds is paramount. In this regard, we invite all fellow developers and white-hackers to review our code and help us find bugs. In return, we have some hefty rewards to offer,” said Mantas Andriuska, co-founder of Aada Finance.

USD 25,000 in AADA for Critical Vulnerability Reported

As a native Cardano project, Aada Finance strives to live up to the ecosystem’s reputation of a secure protocol with robust code. The Aada team will pay USD 25,000 in AADA tokens for each critical vulnerability reported. The program includes the smart contracts included in this repositorynamely the following assets in scope:

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