Aliceville Mayor meets entrepreneurs to drive growth

Aliceville Mayor meets entrepreneurs to drive growth

ALICEVILLE, Ala. (WIAT) — Aliceville Mayor Terrence Windham is meeting with businesses from the region this week to look ahead to the city’s future to fuel growth.

“It’s important to let companies know that this is a friendly city for companies. But it’s also important to let people know that we’re recruiting,” Windham said. “We want to help drive and encourage growth in our city and the best way to do that is by helping the companies that are here and by recruiting other companies.”

Mayor Windham met 40 business people this week, more than 15 of them in the Aliceville group of private companies. Latona Davis supports the mayor’s plan to recruit new businesses in Aliceville. She owns a shop downtown and sells clothes, purses, cell phones, and jewelry.

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“I think it’s encouraging because you bring other people together, other companies together to give them ideas and we can talk together and make things happen to encourage other people to come in to bring more people into the city to get more grocery shopping and more people more money,” Davy said.

Windham wants to make this routine of meeting shop owners four times a year.

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