Amendment 1 raises taxes, not the economy

Amendment 1 raises taxes, not the economy

A new ad, funded by government unions, claims Amendment 1 would boost wages and the economy without any numbers to back it up or indicate future property tax hikes.

Government unions are funding a new ad claiming Amendment 1 would boost the economy, but there are no economic arguments to support “how” it would do so, or mention the property taxes it would guarantee.

The ad focuses on a construction worker who is grateful for his new job and claims Amendment 1 will create similar jobs in Illinois.

“We need more jobs like this in Illinois, especially with costs rising across the board. The Workers’ Rights Amendment ensures that more of these jobs will remain in Illinois,” said the worker.

Amendment 1 increases bargaining power exclusively for government workers, but how does that create more jobs in construction? Federal law governs collective bargaining in the private sector, so changing the Illinois Constitution does nothing to increase union power. It would increase the power of government union bosses, meaning 7% of working adults could be affected by the question at the top of the Nov. 8 vote.

The ad does not explain the claim. It also makes no mention of how taxpayers would fund the new demands from government unions.

According to their own reports, Illinois government unions spend very little on representing workers – their primary goal. The largest Illinois government unions spend no more than 35% on representing their members.

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