Chart: Women have less than a third of jobs in the wind…

Chart: Women have less than a third of jobs in the wind…

Canary Medias chart of the week translates crucial data about the clean energy transition into a visual format.

The workforce in the US electricity sector is predominantly male, and even more so when it comes to renewables. Last year, 69% of people working in electricity generation were men, according to the United States Energy & Employment Report 2022 from the Department of Energy, compared to 53% of the total national labor force. The gender breakdown was slightly worse within the sun and wind subcategories, both of which are: 70% male.

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In a 2019 report, the International Renewable Energy Agency found that there is a significant gender gap in clean energy employment worldwide. Nothing but 32% of the global renewable energy workforce were women in 2018. Women were especially underrepresented in renewable energy jobs related to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (ROD), only hold 28 percent of those roles. That reflects the wider lack of representation and access for women across the world ROD professions.

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