Dental entrepreneurship: expert strategy

Dental entrepreneurship: expert strategy

It seems that every industry will eventually go through a period of very rapid change, and this is especially true for dentistry in recent years. That said, a new phenomenon called “Dental Entrepreneurship” has created a buzz among dentists across the state. Dental Entrepreneur’s mission is to highlight, connect and maximize the careers and businesses of people in the dental profession. Dental entrepreneurs share stories that inspire creativity, drive and contribution.

Given the importance and relevance of dental entrepreneurship, Swasthya Sambad had an exclusive conversation with one of the most successful dental entrepreneurs in Odisha Dr. Sunil Kar, Founder, 3S Dental Clinic, Bhubaneswar. This is what Dr. Kar had to say:

“Everyone should question what dental entrepreneurship is, because dentistry is different from a business. But right now, even if you are a recent graduate or post graduate, we all know there is a lack of work for all our dentists.

Dental entrepreneurship is concerned with digital marketing and brand building. You can have your own set up and you can give others work and you can be your own boss. For that you need certain basic machines, tools and equipment.

Even if you have a small chair, you don’t need a large setup for it. Entrepreneurship always starts at a small level. We can grow it to a bigger size if we bring it to market or if we realize the entrepreneurship protocols well. For example your logo, very simple. If you have an appealing logo that is being marketed everywhere, market your logo in your clinic and have a distinct color for it everywhere. The same color, pattern and design should be followed throughout. This is known as a brand building, brand position or brand value building. If you build your brand equity, people will understand or recognize your clinic with your brand equity along with your name and your good work. This is known as dental entrepreneurship for beginners.

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