Free program helps companies build better jobs, retain employees |  News

Free program helps companies build better jobs, retain employees | News

With the major layoff still rippling across the workforce, the state has launched a free pilot program to help employers measure the quality of the jobs they offer and figure out how to improve them.

The idea is that if companies can improve the quality of the jobs they offer, they can retain more employees (turnover is expensive) and attract better candidates for vacancies.

the free one Good jobs pilot is being launched by the Colorado Workforce Development Council (CWDC) and was developed in collaboration with Working Metrics, a data analysis platform.

According to Gallup, US companies lose a trillion dollars annually through voluntary turnover; the cost of replacing an individual employee can range from half to twice the employee’s annual salary — a conservative estimate.

“Employers have a vested interest in improving the quality of their jobs for many reasons, especially those dealing with skills shortages,” said Renise Walker, assistant director of systems innovation at CWDC. …

“As the great layoff continues, employers cannot afford to lose skilled workers with institutional knowledge. And regardless of employee turnover, most employers would benefit from a higher number of candidates for vacancies, as labor shortages persist in all sectors.”

How should high-quality jobs be defined?

“Living wages are essential to quality of work, but wages alone do not equate to a good job. High-quality work is rooted in employee dignity and includes elements such as job security, stable scheduling, benefits and career advancement opportunities,” said Celeste Richie, vice president of human resources development at Results for America. “The benefits of investing in the many facets of job quality have clear benefits for employers, individual workers, communities and the overall economy.”

Colorado participates in Results of America’s Workforce Fellowship program to make greater use of data and evidence to improve employment outcomes.

Employers can participate in the Good Work Pilot at any time. Initially, each participating organization must spend 2-4 hours on onboarding training, uploading the first dataset and reviewing the first results. After launch, the time investment is 30-60 minutes per quarter, when companies submit quarterly data. Employers can also take advantage of program representatives, who can review their data and work with organizations to identify concrete next steps to improve the quality of their work. Employers’ work quality scores will not be publicly available unless they choose to share that information. Participation is free.

More information on CWDC’s Job Quality Page. Employers are encouraged to contact the CWDC at: participate.

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