Google’s ‘Quiet Hiring’ Method Is Bad News for ‘Quiet Quitters’

Google’s ‘Quiet Hiring’ Method Is Bad News for ‘Quiet Quitters’

By now, you’ve heard of “quiet stopping,” the phenomenon of employees committing not to do the extra work that goes completely unnoticed. And you may have even heard of “silent layoffs,” where employers mistreat employees so that they leave.

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But “hire quietly” is quite another.

“Stop hiring” is the recruitment strategy used by Google that is little known but highly effective – just not for those employees who aren’t willing to go the extra mile.

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Essentially, “recruiting quietly” means tapping into employees who are already moving forward and perhaps even taking on additional responsibilities that prove they have what it takes to excel in a particular role, according to Inc.

Studies show that high achievers can produce 400% more than the average worker, so from a business perspective it makes sense to prioritize them from the start.

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