Lack of investment in education |  News, Sports, Jobs

Lack of investment in education | News, Sports, Jobs

To the editors:

Do you want to increase the competence and vitality of our nation? Rather than burden college students with unprecedented loan debt due to a lack of investment in education, we need to return to valuing education. A good education helps people find jobs that generate taxes that actually pay back the investment in education. So little to disagree with, but since 1980, Republican policies have starved education, increased student debt, and made tons of money for banks.

Economists realize that if today’s students enter the workforce with more than a trillion dollars in cumulative debt, they are unlikely to make major purchases or even have a little extra cash to circulate in the economy. Today’s graduates struggle for decades to pay off loans that far eclipse pre-1980 student loans and tuition. I graduated in 1978 with almost no student debt, thanks to our country’s commitment to investing in education. It would be hypocritical of me to say that there is no need for loan forgiveness these days as the high debts faced by students make it extremely difficult to get ahead.

It is convenient to ignore the historical difference in education policy and throw stones at President Biden for taking steps to help people who want to continue their education, but it is unfair and unfair. Our nation is suffering as the party that gives unrestrained alms to the rich through special tax breaks is breaking the backs of the young people who work hard to contribute to society through hard work and education. Whether we live in a city or in the countryside, we share common ideals to grow healthy communities by valuing children, families and education. We can and must support strong public schools and support access to higher education.

Darwin Dyce


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