LETTERS: TxDOT Investments Will Benefit the Economy;  children watch and learn from us |  letters

LETTERS: TxDOT Investments Will Benefit the Economy; children watch and learn from us | letters

Uniform plan

The Texas Department of Transportation is making a historic investment in the future of our fast-growing state. At our August meeting of the Texas Transportation Commission, we approved TxDOT’s 10-year transportation program, which includes more than $85 billion to improve safety, address congestion and connectivity, and preserve roads for drivers in Texas.
Our state spans over 266,000 square miles and 1,000 new people are added to the Texas population every day. According to recent census estimates, Texas grew by more than 310,000 people from July 2020 to July 2021, and we are rapidly approaching a population of 30 million, heading to 50 million by 2050.
TxDOT has planned and will continue to plan for this growth and plays a critical role in providing the infrastructure needed to help move people and products. That’s where our Unified Transportation Program, or UTP, comes in.

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The UTP focuses on highway projects, public transport, maritime, aviation and rail. Projects are jointly chosen by TxDOT and local transportation leaders with multiple avenues for public input at both the state and local levels.
Our Texas Clear Lanes initiative, which identifies and addresses key bottlenecks in Texas’ five major metropolitan areas, including Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio, is vital to moving people and products. That’s why we’re spending $5 billion on our Texas Clear Lanes projects that will get people moving and out of traffic. Since 2015, we have allocated $26 billion for toll-free congestion relief projects, completed a dozen free-lane projects, and an additional 20 projects — worth $9.4 billion — are under construction statewide.
Our new UTP will help TxDOT achieve its goal of providing Texans with the best infrastructure not only for motorists, but also cyclists and pedestrians. We are excited to make transportation safer and easier to use for cyclists, runners, walkers and everyone else.
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