Local business responds to Queen Elizabeth II’s death

Local business responds to Queen Elizabeth II’s death

SIMSBURY, Conn. (WFSB) – Reactions are pouring in after Queen Elizabeth’s death, including from local businesses associated with England.

Channel 3 spoke to the owners of “A Spoonful of Britain” in Simsbury, who say they are saddened by the news.

The phones ring all day long with people sharing their condolences.

Also today more people entered the store.

“A Spoonful of Britain” just opened in June on Railroad Street in Simsbury.

The shop sells British groceries, home accessories and gifts.

The shop’s co-owners, Carly and Natalie, are both from England.

They say it was heartbreaking to hear the news that Queen Elizabeth the second has passed away.

Under the rules of the British monarchy, Charles became king immediately after the death of the queen.

“It’s huge. It’s definitely going to be weird to have a king instead of a queen because that’s all everyone has known,” says Natalie Brown, co-owner. “She just seemed down to earth. She came across as more normal I think than a lot of people in the spotlight, she was huge, she was iconic and she just played a big part.”

“It was, you know, expected when we heard the news this morning that she had clearly become quite ill, but it was still very sad. I had to cry a little. It felt very sad. It’s just the end of an era for our country and the Commonwealth,” said Carly Kyd, co-owner.

Customers are entering the store today to buy tea.

They say they drink tea in honor of the queen.

The owners say they are open all week if people want to stop by.

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