Sponsor spotlight: Financial planning business in Edmonds expands with a focus on technology and operations.

Sponsor spotlight: Financial planning business in Edmonds expands with a focus on technology and operations.

In July of this year, Koenig Financial Group (KFG) welcomed Todd McCaffray, Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP®) to its offices in downtown Edmonds. Todd joins Jeff Janeway, CFP® to add planning capacity to KFG’s growing business and to develop KFG’s corporate retirement planning business.

“I love the work I do,” McCaffray says. “My focus has been on the occupational pension scheme, which I will be able to develop further, but now I can also use the tools that KFG has introduced for families who need an affordable and tailor-made approach to their financial life. ”

“We are building a modern planning practice for our clients,” offers Janeway, the managing advisor and owner of KFG. “We are definitely focused on adopting best-in-class technology. We know that technology can help us with efficiency while still enabling a tailor-made approach for each customer. Therefore, if we can keep costs low while providing excellent service, the customer wins. Our growth seems to be a pretty clear signal that this is winning,” said Janeway.

Todd McCaffray, left, and Jeff Janeway

Janeway should have some understanding of how to make businesses more efficient. He spent nearly 18 years at Fortune 500 companies – Hewlett-Packard and Fluke Networks (now a Fortive Company after it spun off from Danaher in 2016).

Working his way up to senior management positions in the Pricing, Order Management, Call Center, Tech Support and Contracts operations, he gained diverse experience in optimizing teams and processes.

In 2015, Janeway left business technology and returned to finance, a field of graduate studies at London Business School. Aiming to build a more efficient and affordable financial planning practice than the typical consulting firms, he joined Mike Koenig and then took over the Koenig Financial Group completely in 2017.

As Janeway sums it up, “It’s great! We’re clearly doing something right and I really don’t see it slowing down. We’ve put in the tools and now that Todd is leading the business plan space, we’re adding the people that will allow us to scale.”

The Koenig Financial Group is a financial planning firm based in downtown Edmonds since 1994. Learn more at koenigfinancialgroup.com.

Representatives of Koenig Financial Group provide securities and advisory services through: Harbor Investments, Inc., Member FINRA/SIPC, a Madison, WI-based registered broker-dealer and investment advisory firm, serving clients through a network of more than 200 investment professionals.

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