Steve Jobs’ daughter mocked Apple’s new iPhone 14 design

Steve Jobs’ daughter mocked Apple’s new iPhone 14 design

The daughter of famed Apple co-founder Steve Jobs has taken to Instagram to share her thoughts on Apple’s latest iPhone.


24-year-old Eve Jobs posted a meme on her Instagram story that shows a man holding up two identical t-shirts, with the caption: “upgrade me from iPhone 13 to iPhone 14 after Apple’s announcement today.The meme pokes fun at Apple’s design choices for the iPhone 14, as it generally looks very similar to the iPhone 13. However, under the hood, Apple has made several improvements, including better battery life, new software features, a brighter screen, and more.

Regardless of the new features Apple has to offer in the iPhone 14, the tech company’s latest mobile phone looks much the same as the previous model with minimal design changes. Eve Jobs’ meme raises an important topic that analysts have been discussing for quite some time, and it’s been since Tim Cook took over Steve Jobs as Apple’s CEO in 2011. to produce products that revolutionize the consumer market.

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Eve Jobs and Steve Jobs.

Apple lost the ability to market products that could revolutionize. They became a financially focused company that very effectively milked its loyal users,said analyst Rob Enderle of the Enderle Group, an analyst in the tech sector.

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