This AI-powered speech transcription tool makes information retention easier

This AI-powered speech transcription tool makes information retention easier

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They say that knowledge is power, and you only get knowledge from information. Sounds obvious, right? But think about the ways you collect information: by reading and listening. It’s one thing to get information presented to you, it’s quite another to make sure you keep that information. Sometimes you have to be able to reference it again to make it really stick.

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That’s why an audio-to-text transcriber can be such a useful tool for any business owner. Voicetapp is an AI-enhanced transcriber that delivers up to 99 percent accuracy in just three easy steps.

This intuitive tool uses automatic speech recognition (ASR) powered by Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform, enabling it to cover more than 170 international languages ​​and accents of recorded audio and 12 languages ​​for live transcription. So whether you want to transcribe a podcast for later reading, refer to a conference presentation in the future, or simply want a more accurate collection of meeting minutes, Voicetapp has you covered.

The cloud-based service is all online, so no app installation is required. It offers quick and easy sharing by saving recordings as MP3, EYE, MP4 or WAV files and features accurate punctuation recognition to make your recordings easier to read.

With this lifetime deal, you get 12 hours of audio welcome characters, then five hours every following month, and support for identifying up to five speakers in a single audio recording, which is pretty generous.

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