Tim Cook still heads Steve Jobs’s 9:00 am meeting every Monday

Tim Cook still heads Steve Jobs’s 9:00 am meeting every Monday

Tim Cook says his goal has never been to run Apple exactly the way Steve Jobs did. But Jobs’s influence is still very much felt at the company, Cook says — and it probably always will.

“We don’t sit there and say, ‘What would Steve do?’ He said we shouldn’t,” Cook said Wednesday at Vox Media’s 2022 Code Conference in Los Angeles. “But the reality was he was by far the best teacher I’ve ever had. Those teachings live on, not just in me, in a whole group of people who… [at Apple].”

An example of Jobs’s lasting influence at Apple: Cook said he has perpetuated the long-standing tradition of the late co-founder of 9 a.m. Monday morning in front of Apple’s top executives to discuss the company’s biggest problems.

“In many ways it still works the way Steve set it up,” Cook said, also referring to Apple’s ongoing practice of having just one income statement, rather than splitting the company into separate business units for each group. Products.

That could be so as long as Cook remains CEO. Speaking at the University of Glasgow in 2017, Cook said that Jobs was the person who had “by far” the greatest influence on his life and that Jobs’ philosophy “will be with Apple in 100 years”.

“Steve’s DNA will always be at the heart of Apple,” Cook said at the time. “Steve is deeply rooted in the company.”

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