Changing the world of entrepreneurship with visionary ideas, the way of the serial entrepreneur – Ronnie Teja.

Changing the world of entrepreneurship with visionary ideas, the way of the serial entrepreneur – Ronnie Teja.

He is the proud founder of Branzio Watches and a portfolio of 15 different sites has fueled growth in the ecommerce world over the years.

It is indeed amazing to know all those professionals and entrepreneurs who constantly work by looking at the bigger picture and have a greater purpose in their career and life. It is also essential to shed more light on the journeys and lives of such self-made professionals who believe in who they are and thrive on their passion of doing things differently in their chosen industries. People noticed how Ronnie Teja did the same in the world of entrepreneurship and has now become a much sought after name as a serial entrepreneur and of course the founder of Branzio Watches, who started the brand as a Canadian entrepreneur in 2018 and already owns it. scaled up to exponential growth levels.

Speaking of his journey, Ronnie Teja emphasizes that every day has been a learning experience for him as he has worked his way to the top and gained varied work experiences over the years. In 2007, his family moved to Canada from Mumbai, India, when he was 23, making him the first-generation immigrant. He had experience working in the advertising space. But since these opportunities were few and far between in Canada, he started selling Indian (Punjabi) radio door-to-door in Indian mom-and-pop shops to sell radio advertising. Moving from one job to the next while also improving his digital advertising knowledge and skills, he joined BestBuy Canada in 2012 as a media buyer focused on emerging digital media driven by the retail industry. . But after this experience and also by collaborating with other organizations while experimenting with dropshipping and niches in e-commerce, Ronnie Teja decided to build his own targeted brand, which is how Branzio Watches was founded.

Today, in addition to being the boss of Branzio Watches, Ronnie Teja is also a dominant figure in the e-commerce, digital marketing world, building authentic brands and advertising and scaling widely distributed teams. He is also a prominent speaker and presenter around the world for various summits.

Ronnie Teja (@ronniesteja) is committed to bringing value to people’s lives with his premium products and services with Branzio Watches and looks forward to continuing to build ecommerce businesses.

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