Des Moines Co.  teenager starts his own business

Des Moines Co. teenager starts his own business

Bo Haubrich, a 14-year-old entrepreneur, started a mobile food stall selling nachos, hot dogs and snow horns.

BURLINGTON, Iowa – A teenager from Burlington served up some cheesy treats at the Jefferson Street Farmers Market this summer.
Bo Haubrich is 14 years old and a new entrepreneur. He started his mobile food stand “Updog” where he sells nachos, hot dogs and snow horns. The nachos and hot dogs also have chili cheese options.
“Nachos because they’re really good and I like them and my mom likes them,” Bo said. “Hot dogs because they’re easy and you can make and serve them really quickly. And then snow cones, little kids like them and I pretty much always sell them no matter what.”
His favorite to make is nachos, but his favorite to eat is a blue raspberry lemonade snow cone.
Last winter, he and his parents started working on the idea. His parents had storage units in Danville and they were thinking of holding a concession there, but thought a mobile unit would be better.
“He’s done all kinds of odd jobs and different things over the years,” said his father, Scott. “He wanted to figure out a way to work for himself.”
Of course Bo also wanted some money to pay for his new car.
“Gas is very expensive, and if something goes wrong, like changing the oil or tires,” he said.
Scott said he is proud of his son’s hard work, adding that Bo is learning lifelong lessons in the process.
“Bo has been involved in every aspect of the business, from getting a state license, from getting a county license, from the city licenses to the inspections, to paying monthly sales tax, doing the books, figuring out how credit cards should be hired,” said Schot. “It’s quite a business, no matter how small you start.”
The hardest part, Bo thinks, is setting up and breaking down the food stall. He also had to learn to be patient and wait for customers. The farmer’s market may start at 4:30 PM, but things don’t really pick up until it’s dinner time.
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