Elrond partners with Opera browser

Elrond partners with Opera browser

Blockchain Company Elrond announced a new partnership with the popular browser Opera that are more than 300 million users with easy access to EGLD, the cryptocurrency in the Elrond ecosystem.

The new collaboration between Elrond and Opera

Opera is one of the first browsers, it was created in 2018 to surf the Web3 world and has a built-in wallet that could be a great opportunity for Elrondwhich indeed explains:

“It’s an exciting growth opportunity for Elrond and its ecosystem as it opens up the opportunity for a significant expansion of its user base.”

Notably, the integration of the Elrond blockchain and the EGLD cryptocurrency will take place on Opera’s dApp, which can be used on both web and mobile via Opera’s own wallet.

As a decentralized browser you have the advantage that you can surf the internet safely and with a high degree of privacy.

Beniamin MincuCEO of Elrond Network, explained:

“The synergy between Elrond and Opera is truly unique. As our technology brings radical improvements in performance and user experience, which are critical to the next wave of mass adoption, we are a perfect fit with Opera’s efforts to support the diffusion of blockchain-based technologies. We are excited to work together to usher in a new chapter of autonomous banking where financial services are accessible to everyone, work almost immediately and are inexpensive.”

Susie BattCrypto Ecosystem Lead at Opera, Revealed:

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