Entrepreneurial partner to train 5,000 young people

Entrepreneurial partner to train 5,000 young people

Nigerian entrepreneur Melody Fidel’s BAE Connect Institute says it will partner with the David Oyeleye Leadpreneur Academy to empower and train approximately 5,000 teens to fill the leadership vacuum and reduce unemployment in Nigeria.

According to a statement, starting in September, the training program will take place in Ile-Ife, Osun State and continue in Ondo State, with participants receiving training in financial education, leadership, personal brand development, talent monetization, creativity development, among others.

The leadership and creative employment training is expected to be a turning point in ideation, career focus and skill acquisition for the teeming teens.

Tagged, Nigerian Youth Development, Skills Training and Sensitization Project, is expected to educate and equip approximately 5,000 teens in the Southwest Osun and Ondo states to create an informed, credible network that will make a difference in the future of Nigerian Government and Businesses.

“We are concerned about the current situation of youth unrest and unemployment in the country. Therefore, we have decided to contribute our own quota to nation-building by influencing Nigeria’s future leaders with the necessary skills for their private and public interest,” said Fidel.

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