Türkiye is ready for Istanbul summit to review post-Covid economy

Türkiye is ready for Istanbul summit to review post-Covid economy

September 29 summit to discuss transformation in economic paradigm during post-pandemic period and emerging countries will welcome world-renowned economists, Turkey’s Ministry of Finance and Finance says.

Türkiye has maintained its balanced growth, with exports exceeding $250 billion annually in September, President Erdogan said. (AA archive)

Türkiye is preparing to host an economic summit in the city of Istanbul, where experts will gather to discuss the change in the global economic order after the Covid pandemic.

The Economic Transformation Summit will take place on September 29 and will be the first of its kind, Turkey’s Ministry of Finance and Finance said in a statement on Thursday.

Participants will discuss how the Covid-19 pandemic has transformed global economies and how emerging markets have influenced and changed their paradigms in the post-pandemic era, the ministry noted.

Prominent financial and economic professionals, export and employment representatives from the industry around NGOs, academics, writers and market representatives from around the world will gather for the event.

Leading academics discuss economic developments, policy, global balance sheets, investment, production, employment, exports and growth.

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What experts will discuss

Four panel discussions will be held, including: “New Trends in Economic Policy in the Post-pandemic Period”, “Importance of Investment-Production-Export Model for Developing Countries”, “Growing Importance of Infrastructure Investment in the New Period” and “Growing importance of a financial architecture that supports growth in the new era.”

“Türkiye’s Economy Model” will be represented to the world, the ministry added.

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